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Golf Divot Tools

Dealing with divots is always an important matter for golfers, and a variety of ingenious tools are available to help with this issue.

Below are some divot tools:

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NFL Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers

Team Golf

NFL Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers

NFL Cap Clip With 2 Golf Ball Markers

Team Golf

NFL Cap Clip With 2 Golf Ball Markers

NCAA Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers

Team Golf

NCAA Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers

Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Ball Marker Pitch Mark Mini Tool Lightweight Portable and Foldable


Golf Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Ball Marker Pitch Mark Mini Tool Lightweight Portable and Foldable
  • Foldable divot tool avoid been hurt by sharp knife.
  • Golf green divot with pop-up button, press it, open automatically.
  • Dimention:2.76 inch x 1.26 inch x 0.51 inch.
Product Description:
About NKTM Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker

NKTM Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker is best for people who want to better the state of the golf green while playing. This ergonomic device is comfortable to use. It fits right in the palm of your hand, allowing you to hold onto it in a natural way. NKTM golf divot tool is constructed from Zinc Alloy and Plastic, making it extremely durable and able to stand up to heavy use. And it comes with a magnetic ball marker. NKTM Divot Repair Tool also comes with a foldable feature for simple into to pants pocket or golf bag.

-Locks easy open and closed
-Repair divots, mark your ball
-Groove cleaner and club rest
-Ergonomic divot tool repairs golf green
-New golf green divot repair switchblade tool
-Easily and comfortably fits in the palm of hand
-Prongs snap into action at the push of a button

Package Include
Blue + Red/Blue + Black/Green + Black: 2 x Divot Repair Switchblade Tool
Black/Green/Purple: 1 x Divot Repair Switchblade Tool

Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers


Collegiate Hat Clip & 2 Ball Markers

Pitchfix Divot Tool


Pitchfix Divot Tool
  • Lightweight Switchblade action with this divot tool. Made of Aluminum sheets covered with a great feeling rubberized grip.The best divot tool we have ever carried. Comes with removeable ball marker that is attached by the magnet in the tool.
Product Description:
This hybrid Pitchfix Golf Divot Repair Tool is amazing ! Great seller in Europe for years and now available here in the U.S. Lightweight easily fits in your pocket, just press the button and the switchblade action takes place. Ball marker comes with this tool, it is attached by a magnet in the tool. The finest divot tool we have carried in 25 years. Many colors to choose from. Aluminum sheets are covered by a great feeling rubberized material for excellent grip and feel.

"The Birdie Hunter" Camouflage Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker

The Birdie Hunter
Camouflage Misc.

"The Birdie Hunter" Camouflage Golf Divot Repair Tool and Ball Marker
List Price: $14.95*
Lowest New Price: $14.95*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 23:01 Pacific 22 Sep 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • *RETRACTABLE - Durable, Spring Loaded Golf Divot Repair Tool
  • *ALL IN ONE - Magnetic Ball Marker Stays Easily in Place
  • *GREAT GIFT - Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Golfer or Hunter in your Life! Comes Ready to Give in Gift Box!
Product Description:
We Just Launched the Birdie Hunter Camouflage Divot Repair Tool and Hunter Orange Ball Marker...Get it Now! Impress your friends with your new Birdie Hunter Divot Tool and Ball Marker! Mossy Oak Design with Hunter Orange colored Magnetic Ball Marker. Great Stocking Stuffer

Collegiate CVX Ball Mark Repair Tool & 2 Ball Markers


Collegiate CVX Ball Mark Repair Tool & 2 Ball Markers

Vulcan Gear Switchblade Divot Tool with Pop-up Button & Magnetic Ball Marker - Lightweight Portable and Fold-able

Vulcan Gear
  • Golf Stainless Steel Divot Tool
  • Magnetic Ball Marker included
Product Description:
This is a Divot tool, which includes a switchblade pitchfork and a magnetic ball marker

Golf Club Brush Groove Cleaner 2 Ft Retractable Zip-line Aluminum Carabiner, Lightweight and Stylish, Ergonomic Design, Easily Attaches to Golf Bag, Nylon and Spike Cleaning Tool

  • 2 FT RETRACTABLE ZIP-LINE aluminum carabiner makes it easily attaches to your golf bag for blazing fast access.
  • WIRE BRISTLE FOR QUICK and efficient cleaning of irons while on the fairway. Nylon bristles for easy cleaning of woods and shoe spikes/cleats. Sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime in grooves.
  • 12 Months Warranty: 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, Happy customers give the Favdoor Golf Club Brush high ratings, so we're confident that you'll love it! If you don't love it ­ for whatever reason, we'll replace it or give you every cent back.
Product Description:
We promise 100% money back guarantee: Happy customers give the Favdoor golf cleaning brush and groove cleaner high ratings, so we're confident that you'll love it! We're so confident that you'll love this golf brush.

& Good quality, efficient and compact, this 3 in 1 Golf Club Cleaning Brush by Favdoor Brush is the absolute best solution to your concerns.
Other 3 in 1 brushes claim to be better but are only charging you more for poorer quality.

& The brush is beautifully designed in 2 tones, sporting an attractive combination of red and black or sleek black. But the Favdoor
Golf Club Cleaning Brush isn't all about appearances. With wire bristles for irons and nylon bristles for woods,
this brush delivers the most thorough cleaning of your golf clubs in minutes.

& Due to being extremely sharp, the bristles can successfully pick even the most stubborn dirt, ensuring that your golf clubs
will be performing at their best each and every time. The retractable zip-liner carabiner can be expanded up to 2 feet, allowing
golfers to attach the brush to their golf bags for easy storage and fast access.

& With an ergonomic handle that provides an outstanding grip, this tiny cleaning brush by Favdoor is a must-have for golf enthusiasts.

Golf Beginner Guide


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