Improving Your Balance When Playing Golf

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Improving Your Balance When Playing Golf

Good balance is a key element of playing good golf. It sounds simple, but good balance involves a lot more than simply having teh correct stance.

So what affects balance?
  1. How you see things

  2. Signals sent to your brain from the your inner ear

  3. Signals sent to your brain from the muscles and joints of your body
Achieving good balance, therefore involves, in addition to your stance, learning to make the most of the information that your body sends to your brain.

The most important source of information is your head. This is because your eyes, and your inner ear are in your head. And this in turn is another reason why learning to keep your head still during your swing is important: When your head position changes, your balance can be thrown off - because what you see changes, and because your inner ear detects motion.

You can also teach your brain and body to better process balance information, and improve your sense of balance. Some simple methods that you can use include:
  • Kicking a ball around, or out sporting activities, with your kids.

  • Using a balance board. You can get one of these cheap from auction sites like eBay.

  • Moderate exercise, especially flexibility training and yoga stretches. Basically anything that can help loosen up tight muscles, can probably help with balance.

  • Using a yoga or exercise ball. Many people find that this helps them with posture, body core strength, and back mobility.
If you have a medical condition, or any taking medication, you should also be aware that this may be affecting your balance, and you will want to discuss the issue with your doctor.
  • Some people find migraines can cause balance problems. If you have migraines, this is of course an issue to discuss with a physician.

  • If you feel dizzy, this again an issue to discuss with your physician. Dizziness could indicate a serious problem, so don't procrastinate.

  • Some medicines may have side-effects which affect balance. Common side-effects are listed on the packaging of most medicines, and again this is an issue to discuss with your doctor.
To summarize, achieving good balance can help you greatly improve your golf game. Thus, improving your balance, or addressing minor balance problems, can make a big difference. And, in the event, your balance issues are medically-related, do discuss this with your doctor.

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